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Curries To Warm You From The Inside

Curries To Warm You From The Inside

When it comes to winter comfort food, few dishes are as satisfying as a rich and delicious curry. An evergreen favourite at The Snooty Fox, our Friday Curry Evenings draw diners to the Midlands for a feast of spice, taste, and aroma.

The Snooty Fox’s Friday Curry Evenings have been going since 2013. The special menu offered has become a firm favourite among our loyal diners, who see in the weekend with a feast of flavours. Over the years, our menu has gone through a number of re-vamps but, if we removed this dish, it would probably cause a riot!


Unbeknownst to many guests, the success of our curry evenings has a secret ingredient of its own. As the pet project of one of our past students – and now full-time employee – Jamaine Govender, the curry menu has a wonderful authenticity and careful medley of flavours, bringing a diverse taste of the east to your Friday night. Chef Jamaine was a student at Fern Hill Hotel Training College and graduated with a Diploma in Professional Cookery. She went on to work in other establishments before ending up back in our area, where we offered her a full-time position in our kitchen. Her role encompasses many requirements, including training our students and the responsibilities of being second-in-command to Executive Chef, Alex Poltera.

Since joining the team, Chef Jamaine has brought culinary innovation to the the Friday Evening Curry menu, expanding it to include curries from different regions of India and a range of countries – including Thai curries. On top of this, Jamaine and her mum, Sylvia, are responsible for the delicious pickles and atchars that accompany many of the dishes on the menu. The complementary Kulfi at the end of your meal? Yup, that’s another one of Chef Jamaine’s additions. Every element of the menu is a reflection of her attention to detail in producing diverse and delicious curries for weekly returning diners.


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