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Vegan variety

Giving you a true taste of the Midlands

Made from locally-grown produce, our ever-expanding vegan menu offers all the goodness and flavours of nature’s pantry

Consciously-prepared by Alex Poltera and his team, the vegan menu at Fern Hill is an assortment of delights for every palate. Emerging from the desire to create dishes for a vegan friend, this has evolved to become an entrenched and highly sought-after section of the menu. The vegan offering is unique to the area and boasts enough variety and flavour to take you on a culinary adventure with every visit to the restaurant.

Make every dining experience at Fern Hill a special occasion. Scroll down to view the vegan menu here.

Vegan Main Menu

    • Vegan Cuisine

    • Burger


      Beetroot and lentil patty topped with caramelised onions, roast tomato, mushrooms, avocado (seasonal) and garlic ‘martinnaise’. Served with sweet potato fries.

    • Green Pasta


      Pasta tossed with garlic, broccoli, basil pesto, toasted cashew nuts, spinach and baby marrow ribbons. Sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

    • Brinjal Lasagne


      Layers of grilled brinjal with tomato and basil sauce, spinach pasta, basil pesto and vegan mozzarella cheese. Served with a side salad.

    • Chickpea and Lentil Curry


      Spicy, filling curry served with steamed basmati rice, sambals and poppadum.

    • Herb Flatbread


      Herbed flatbread topped with hummus, chick pea tofu, sundried tomato, olives, pickled mushrooms and cucumber ribbons. Drizzled with dill vinaigrette.

    • “B”LT


      Triple decker seed bread sandwich with grilled tofu, lettuce and grilled tomato. Layered with garlic martinnaise and pickled onions.

    • Grilled Sweet Potato


      With chickpea tofu, peppadew pesto, tahini, bulghar wheat, tomato jam, coriander and kale crisp.

    • Cauliflower Steak


      Grilled spiced cauliflower steak on butter bean and garlic puree. Topped with avocado, tahini, sundried tomato and curry oil.

    • Zesty Vegan Salad


      Bulghar wheat, pea and Fry’s® crispy nugget salad with beetroot relish, mint, coriander and olives. Dressed with dill vinaigrette.

    • Hearty Vegan Burger


      Beer bread sandwich filled with Fry’s® burger patties, peppadew and caramelised onion mayo, cucumber ribbons and crispy onion rings. Served with crispy kale and fries.

    • Brinjal Gyro


      Herb flatbread filled with marinated grilled brinjal, carrot, tzatziki, pickled red cabbage, tomato jam, chickpea tofu and beetroot relish.

Vegan Dessert Menu

    • Vegan Desserts

    • Vanilla Panna Cotta


      Turkish delight, spiced crumble, rose gel and berry sorbet.

    • Black Forest Crème Brulee


      Nougatine tuile and black cherry sorbet.

Ultimate Vegan Dining Experience

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